SOFT TV :: Tell [Singapore Music]

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The passion and love for original music unites a unified organism of individual and complementary parts to pursue a unique musical journey/experience. Feel the positive vibes on a sunny island across the busy streets in a sensory melodic harmonies.

The band started when Ben met childhood friends Andry and Endra at a musician’s meetup in Singapore in 2011. Shortly after the meetup they started playing together and collaborating. The musical connection colored the songs with a palate that blended three creative voices. Over the course of a few years the three slowly recorded five songs. Endra played drums on all songs and added the scratch guitar on All The Way, Ben played bass and guitars (even sang backup on Right Is Wrong), and Andry sang, played guitar, and ukulele. Addib’f re-recorded the bass on Beyond Them Gone, Older and 31, and All The Way and Pauli lent his skills on the keyboard for the recording. Endra and Ben initially mixed the music. Ben continued to mix and master the songs.

Carmine and Imran joined the band in 2014 to replace former bassist Addib'f and keyboardist Eddie.

Song 1 - 0:14
Song 2 - 10:42
Song 3 - 20:16
Song 4 - 26:06