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By: voicesfromtheattic
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We are a band created way back in 2004, which was known as Pumpkin Circle. 2006, we changed our name to VFTA and a changed in band members but Radhi and Ishak stayed. Then Reezal was invited to be the band's Lead Guitarist, Rahim was invited to be band's guitarist and Shahiran aka Yan, was invited to be the drummer as Ishak was no longer interested. Then we had our first gig at FAD Studio. Then some of us went for NS and we've been stucked since then.

Now, a new story begins. Reezal, approached a friend of ours, Aidil Revalina, who is an Artist in Suria, ask and find out more about being in the music industry and how we can put ourselves there. Now Reezal is maintaining all the websites and emails and bringing news.

We are trying our best to get ourselves expose, getting heard, get our original's recordings done etc. We hope that Singaporeans will help support our local music scene because I believe we too can be as great as Hollywood stars. All we need is hard work, patience and most important is Belief. Hope that one day, our dreams will come true.

Reezal, Band representative.