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== Voices From The Attic ==

Voices From The Attic(V.F.T.A for short)was formed in 2006 previously known as Pumpkin Circle(2004). The only remaining members of that 5 piece band is Lead Vocals M.Radhi and then Bassist Ishak. In mid 2005, the band Pumpkin Circle parted ways leaving only Radhi and Ishak to figure out what to do.

== The Re-Formation ==

Late 2005, Radhi and Ishak began looking for replacements. This was the time when Ishak began to learn the Drums and Radhi decided to teach himself to play the bass by forming a side project with Lost Perfection Drummer Abdul Ra'-uf and his younger brother Abdul Rahim, whom were all from the same secondary school, who would play the guitar. They would cover Blink 182 songs.They did this for almost a year as Radhi and Ishak had to learn new instruments. Late 2005, Rahim was asked to be a guitarist in the band that Radhi and Ishak is re-forming. Radhi then went up to approach childhood friend and also schoolmate, Sharizal, who was then the lead guitarist of Circle Of Life. Rizal agreed in becoming the band's Lead Guitarist.

== The Name ==

By early 2006, the re-forming has been completed. Radhi plays the bass and vocals, Rahim plays the guitar and vocals, Rizal's the Lead Guitarist and back-up vocals and Ishak on the Drums. Radhi didn't want to re-use Pumpkin as the band name as he says, "new members call for a new name and a new beginning". Radhi thought of naming the band "Attic Voices" but felt the name needs some more words to it. So while talking with his younger brother Zaki(Lost Perfection) about this band before going to sleep that night, Zaki said, "why not add the "From The" into that name, make sound like a phrase". Radhi agreed and therefore the name Voices From The Attic was used to name the band.

== No Shows ==

The Band never got going. Stating school and exams as the main reasons why they couldn't get the band together. Rizal always wanted to be on stage, do shows but because V.F.T.A couldn't, he decided to join another band as a side project Cryptic Prophecy a Hardcore band which also ended up having problems of their own. Radhi and Rahim continued playing covers of Blink 182 with Ra'-uf almost doing a show but cancelled at the last moment. It went on for about more than a year whereby the band wouldn't jam or practiced.

== Departure & New Members ==

2009 marked another new beginning for V.F.T.A. Ishak left the band, Rizal decided a 5 piece band would make more sense. So in came a new drummer, Shahiran, also from the same same secondary school and childhood friend, and a new bassist Adib, Radhi's youngest brother. For now the band is doing their practice sessions together and planning on having a gig in May 2009 before Radhi leaves for 17 weeks for National Service.

== The Band ==

Radhi,20 - Lead Vocals

Rahim,20 - Guitars,Back-Up Vocals

Sharizal,20 - Lead Guitar/Drums

Shahiran,21 - Drums/ Lead Guitar

Adib,17 - Bassist


The Classic Crime, Breaking Benjamin, Atreyu, Anberlin, A7X, Linkin Park, Paramore

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We are a band created way back in 2004, which was known as Pumpkin Circle. 2006, we changed our name to VFTA and a changed in band members but Radhi and Ishak stayed. Then Reezal was invited to be the band's Lead Guitarist, Rahim was invited to be band's guitarist and Shahiran aka Yan, was invited to be the drummer as Ishak was no longer interested. Then we had our first gig at FAD Studio. Then some of us went for NS and we've been stucked since then.

Now, a new story begins. Reezal, approached a friend of ours, Aidil Revalina, who is an Artist in Suria, ask and find out more about being in the music industry and how we can put ourselves there. Now Reezal is maintaining all the websites and emails and bringing news.

We are trying our best to get ourselves expose, getting heard, get our original's recordings done etc. We hope that Singaporeans will help support our local music scene because I believe we too can be as great as Hollywood stars. All we need is hard work, patience and most important is Belief. Hope that one day, our dreams will come true.

Reezal, Band representative.