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My instrumental cover of the song Tuyo by Rodrigo Amarante for Narcos, a Netflix Series, theme song. Lyrics(also in the video) and translation in English are given below. Sing along.

Some clips used in the video are archive footage from Pablo Escobar’s home video recordings and Colombian news telecast from November 6th, 1985 during the siege of the Palace of Colombian Justice.

Original music by Rodrigo Amarante for Netflix series Narcos.
Cover Music recording and production of all tracks and video editing done in my home studio. Only percussions programmed using Apple Logic Pro X rest all guitar tracks are recorded by your truly.

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********Geeky Details about the video********

Lead Guitar (Vocal): Epiphone Les Paul Custom with Seymour Duncan Antiquity Gold(bridge) and Seymour Duncan SH-55 Seth Lover(Neck)

Lead Guitar: Greco Stratocaster circa 1977 with Fender Custom Shop Texas Special Pickups.

Rhythm Guitar: Harmony Rocket circa 1965 with Dearmond Gold Foil Pick-ups

Bass Guitar: Fernandes Bass with EMG active pick ups.

Amplifier: Marshall Valvestate 65R, Vox AC4 C1-BL

Pedal: Pigtronix Philosopher’s Tone, BBE Sonic Stomp

Mic: Sure SM57

USB Audio Interface: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
DAW: Apple Logic Pro X

Camera: Canon 500D


Soy el fuego que arde tu piel
I am the fire that burns your skin,

soy el agua que mata tu sed.
I am the water that kills your thirst.

El castillo, la torre yo soy
Of the castle, I am the tower,

la espada que guarda el caudal.
the sword that guards the treasure.

tu el aire que respiro yo
You, the air that I breathe,

y la luz de la luna en el mar.
and the light of the moon on the sea.

La garganta que ansio mojar
The throat that longs to be choked

que temo ahogar de amor.
that I’m afraid I’ll drown in love.

y cuales deseos me vas a dar
And which desires you are going to give me.

mi tesoro basta con mirarlo,
just to look is treasure enough,

tuyo será, y tuyo será.
it will be yours, it will be yours.


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