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This is my instrumental cover of the all time classic ballad ‘Wonderful Tonight’ by Eric Clapton, from the album ’Slowhand’ released in 1977. Clapton is my guitar hero and this song hooked me on to his music for life.

This song is arguably one of the most romantic composition of all time. Clapton wrote this song for his then wife Pattie Boyd who was getting ready for a party on 7 September 1976.

Please do sing along if you want to. Lyrics in the video and also given below.

Original song written and performed by Eric Clapton.
Cover Music recording and production of all tracks and video editing done in my home studio.

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********Geeky Details about the video********

Vocal tune: Harmony Rocket circa 1965 with Dearmond Gold Foil Pick-ups

Lead Guitar: Greco Stratocaster circa 1977 with Fender Custom Shop Texas Special Pickups.

Rhythm Guitar: Epiphone Les Paul Custom with Seymour Duncan Antiquity Gold(bridge) and Seymour Duncan SH-55 Seth Lover(Neck)

Bass Guitar:
Fernandes Bass with EMG active pick ups.

Marshall Valvestate 65R,
Vox AC4 C1-BL

Boss Compression Sustainer CS-3,
BBE Sonic Stomp

Mic: Sure SM57

USB Audio Interface: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

DAW: Apple Logic Pro X, used for programming drums as well

Camera: Canon 500D


It's late in the evening; she's wondering what clothes to wear.
She puts on her make-up and brushes her long blonde hair.
And then she asks me, "Do I look all right?"
And I say, "Yes, you look wonderful tonight."

We go to a party and everyone turns to see
This beautiful lady that's walking around with me.
And then she asks me, "Do you feel all right?"
And I say, "Yes, I feel wonderful tonight."

I feel wonderful because I see
The love-light in your eyes.
And the wonder of it all
Is that you just don't realize how much I love you.

It's time to go home now and I've got an aching head,
So I give her the car key and she helps me to bed.
And then I tell her, as I turn out the light,
I say, "My darling, you were wonderful tonight.
Oh my darling, you were wonderful tonight."


23 Jun 2016 03:26:15PM @joydeepbose:
My instrumental cover of the all time classic ballad ‘Wonderful Tonight’ by Eric Clapton