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"when full time friends and part time drinking buddies, joe, darius and keong knew that they could liven up a bar just as easily as they could spend time in one, they decided that they should start a band.

the result is "heartcase", a band that stands up and stands out with its eclectic blend of styles and genres. wearing their influences on their sleeves, "heartcase" can rock out your top 40 hits, indie standards, and even all the folk rock favourites that you didn't even know you liked.

and while they may not know what they always want to drink, "heartcase" has always known that playing the best live music for a drinking audience is something that they can pull off just as easily as they can pull back their shots.the result is a band that is easy to listen to and even easier to drink with.

so if good vibes and good music sound like a good plan, then "heartcase" is the band that you cannot afford to miss."

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