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Formed in 2005, Epicnosis are a band of friends with similar music tastes and determination to play whatever we want to play. (nonsense music included) Over the course of 5 uneventful years, they played the odd gig here and there but in 2008, after Suntec Band finals, everything clicked and they decided to seriously write serious music for serious people, seriously. Epic plans to release an by EP late 2010/mid 2011.

Members of Epicnosis are known to play in a wide variety of bands !

Fadli currently drums in Koretoci, Patchwork Neurology and Arajua

Asyraft is in Koretoci as a bassist and has a soundcloud account that is pretty active with his own solo music

Dale is in ALOT of things which im not sure of so i dunno why i even tried updating this page

Rachel is currently playing student in a well-known band called NUS FASS

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Quite an awesome place i must say.. The only thing missing on our profile is the 'song' section! I could upload the demos but thats kinda loserish haha.. But i promise we'll get that updated as soon as possible cos we're really taking our time writing our new materials.. Even though the music is more or less done cos the only thing that needs to be writen now is vocals and melodies and lyrics. But when we're done, we're gonna have 4 new songs! YES, 4 songs thats why its taking so looong..

And you guys are gonna say "why not just gig?!"
Well, our keyboardist rachel is having her exams, plankton life.. AND most importantly, our guitarist John Julius Cheng left the group. And by JUST, i mean New Years eve hahahaha. We've got replacements lined up already but nothing concrete.. watch this space, i guess? haha


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