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On a wet Wednesday afternoon, 4 individuals bound by fate and trialled by fire, took to arms and carried their dying instruments of war into one final battle to determine the future of all Geeks in Lion City..

They were ruthless and shredded without mercy, chords after chords, note after note, crash after hi-hat.. and in the end they emerged defeated and with every battle, there comes consequences that were paid in high prices.. their memories were taken away from them by the evil Priest 'The Jackal'..

Along with their memories, gone were their powers.. as they lay at the bottom of Mount Epicustudioeth, they swore to overcome the odds, to level up and gather achievements.. to once again face Jackal and get back what belonged to them and once and for all rid the lands of the warmongering evil priest..

Under a single banner, a united guild of geeks raised from the ashes called the 'Cut Out Heroes'.. they were :

Jas, a demon with smooth silver skin, he sings like a broken axle and can speak several languages but only in his head..
Luq, a 106 year old werebeast with orange skin and soft fur, keen to visit Andromeda and is afraid of heights...
Khai, troll with chitinous skin, was taught to respect authority as a child before becoming radicalised..
Rasis, 800 years old, which is ancient, even for his species.. He has wings and was apprenticed to a gamekeeper as a childĀ 
before joining the army..

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