Coup de Grâce
Coup de Grâce

Interitus EP Launch

Interitus EP Launch

Saturday May 12 2018, 5:30 PM
@ SLED Productions x Decline @ 37 Geylang Lorong 23,...

Greetings mortals! Now that our queen of the underworld has reached this plane of existence, her minions have called upon their allies to welcome her into the world!

We are glad to announce that our EP is up on Bandcamp/Spotify and the link can be found below! To officially launch our very first EP we are honoured to have our friends from Terminal Cry, Krusnix, Witchseeker and Dispiteous..

If you have yet to give your ears a power treat, find the EP by clicking the links below!

Band Line-Up:
KRUSNIX • Terminal Cry • Dispiteous (残)• WITCHSEEKER • Coup de Grâce

Door @ $15

You can redeem a physical copy of our EP for free in three steps!
1) Like us on Facebook
2) Share the pinned post on our Facebook page
3) Come to our gig and show us your ticket together with steps 1 & 2

We have limited sets, so be sure to come early to get yours!

Coup de Grâce would like to thank Aeonix Productions and Sonicwerkz Production who helped with the recording, mixing and mastering and also Joshua Nevis & May Kaythari who helped with the production of the album art and all visual collateral. We would also like to thank all the bands (WITCHSEEKER, Dispiteous (残), Terminal Cry, KRUSNIX) who will be supporting us for this event.