红颜怨君 Guzheng composition

By Cherie Lee, 2016-06-04
红颜怨君 Guzheng composition
“红颜怨君” is a guzheng piece that I composed, about an eternal love of a lady for her husband, inspired by the Chinese Poem “望夫石”. Enjoy!
(Click the youtube link below for the video)

红颜怨君 - 李玫锦,古筝创作
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By Nutto Raj Studios, 2013-03-14

Dear All, Happy New Year to all of you and thank you so much for your continued support of La Gloria English School. We have ended 2012 in the black, thanks to your dedication and generosity towards this school. Every year brings changes to Isla Mujeres and to La Gloria English School. This year there is a very big change for me and the School. I have decided that June 30th, 2013 will be my last day as director of La Gloria English School, so the school will be closing as of that date. The decisions to retire has been a difficult one for me. However, for family health and other reasons I have decided it is time to retire and renew the quality of my life. It was never a paid position, and because I have found no one to take it over, the school will close. (If anyone should come forward who wants to take over the operation of the school, I would be delighted to speak with them!) In truth, the enrollment has been going down slowly over the last two years. Nevertheless the current students are dedicated to learning English and will be upset to hear this news. If we stayed open, possibly the enrollment would recover in a few more years, when the international economy also recovers and brings more sales to businesses on Isla. Regarding our assets, we have sufficient funds to complete our last six months of the school year. There will be legal costs to dissolve both the U.S. non-profit Friends of La Gloria English School and the Mexican civil association (non-profit) La Gloria English School AC. If there are any surplus funds, we hope to offer full scholarships to our students for our last course, April through June. If there is a surplus after that, we will donate to PEACE-Isla Mujeres. They have been strong supporters of our school and continue to do great things to help local people on Isla Mujeres. The U.S. non-profit associated with them is PEACE MEXICO. I can't thank you enough for your generous support, in volunteering at the school and donating to help continue the operations through our nine years of existence. I appreciate deeply your commitment to the school and to the people of Isla Mujeres. (For those of you who are also participants in the separate 'scholarship program' for getting/keeping local kids in high school and college through financial assistance, we will continue that project.) Best regards, Maggie Washa 

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Music Music Music

By BedroomEngineer, 2012-07-01
Music Music Music

Me a bedroom engineer..let the fingers do the shredding until sore U stop..

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By fas7gam, 2012-01-12

Hey there!

We're fas7gam. We're not really prominent in the local scene but we're really into performing live. It's hard to get gigs when we're not in demand.

Hope things turn for the better in time to come.

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This is a great music site for Singapore bands and hope that all bands in Singapore should participate and in the near future it will shine!!!


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‎{Tracks up for sale}

By Aeondrift, 2011-06-14

Please support my Beer-Fund!!!

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Mic on the ready? Ok. Here we go........

By voicesfromtheattic, 2011-05-09

We are a band created way back in 2004, which was known as Pumpkin Circle. 2006, we changed our name to VFTA and a changed in band members but Radhi and Ishak stayed. Then Reezal was invited to be the band's Lead Guitarist, Rahim was invited to be band's guitarist and Shahiran aka Yan, was invited to be the drummer as Ishak was no longer interested. Then we had our first gig at FAD Studio. Then some of us went for NS and we've been stucked since then.

Now, a new story begins. Reezal, approached a friend of ours, Aidil Revalina, who is an Artist in Suria, ask and find out more about being in the music industry and how we can put ourselves there. Now Reezal is maintaining all the websites and emails and bringing news.

We are trying our best to get ourselves expose, getting heard, get our original's recordings done etc. We hope that Singaporeans will help support our local music scene because I believe we too can be as great as Hollywood stars. All we need is hard work, patience and most important is Belief. Hope that one day, our dreams will come true.

Reezal, Band representative.

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What is the best way to get ideas?

By AzrieElleMoobs, 2011-05-05

Well for me, the best time to get ideas is when everyone is asleep and theres only you, your instrument of choice and super working brains.
Do you have any better ideas to get your brains to work other than staying alone? Do share it. :)

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Quite an awesome place i must say.. The only thing missing on our profile is the 'song' section! I could upload the demos but thats kinda loserish haha.. But i promise we'll get that updated as soon as possible cos we're really taking our time writing our new materials.. Even though the music is more or less done cos the only thing that needs to be writen now is vocals and melodies and lyrics. But when we're done, we're gonna have 4 new songs! YES, 4 songs thats why its taking so looong..

And you guys are gonna say "why not just gig?!"
Well, our keyboardist rachel is having her exams, plankton life.. AND most importantly, our guitarist John Julius Cheng left the group. And by JUST, i mean New Years eve hahahaha. We've got replacements lined up already but nothing concrete.. watch this space, i guess? haha


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