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Whats good! I'm from an Alumni of 3 great people including myself (Adel), we are known as Swingers.On.Board aka S.O.B
We sing, rap, produce own tracks, compose own songs (lyrics) and many more. We do almost all kinds of genres, specialised in (Rap, R&B, Pop, Reggaeton, Acoustic)etc
We'd love to be exposed as much as possible for our God given talents. Day by day I will be uploading our songs here and Youtube (Absolute Records Official) as we wanna really make it BIG in the Music Industry. Do check out our songs as we will not be only doing just own songs but COVERS as well and we do accept all kinds of Cover Requests. We will do our best to deliver every piece to the most Best we can as we wouldnt want all your ears to bleed. Haha. So hope to hear from everyone and anyone!! Much love.

Swingers.On.Board aka S.O.B

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Whats good beautiful people! Do follow us for awesome sounds to ur ears!