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The Academy of Rock is a music school dedicated to teaching rock and popular music. With the aim of living by our fundamental principles of raising musicality, nurturing individuality, inspiring creativity and promoting appreciation through fun, we have a unique teaching setup that goes beyond that of a traditional music school. After all, rock is all about pushing the boundaries of growth, learning and creating new ground, isn’t it?

We have structured our school, lessons and syllabus to provide a music education (focused on rock and pop) that is holistic and yet tailored to match the aptitude, capabilities and needs of each and every student. Music lessons never have a student-teacher ratio exceeding 2 to 1. Our aim is not for the maximum number of students, nor is it to convert every student into a hardcore, full-time musician. It is to ensure that every student of the Academy of Rock has fun and enjoys learning rock and pop music and to bring out the best in each student, for him or herself.

We aim to encourage steady progress and a continual interest in music for our students. Each year, we hold a full-scale rock concert to showcase our musical talents. Students who are unable to perform at this concert are able to perform at recitals instead as a gauge and affirmation of their musical progress. Live performances aside, to encourage teamwork and simulate actual band performances and practices, we also have jamming sessions at all our branches as often as possible, providing a good opportunity for teachers and students to share and enjoy rock music.

The Academy of Rock is also a Rockschool examination centre in Singapore. We have much experience and a proven track record in preparing students for the Rockschool UK examinations , which is the international examination board for rock music qualifications. We provide lessons in the electric guitar, electric bass guitar, pop/rock vocals, drums and pop music theory.

Come join us now to enjoy the best rock music experience!!

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